BFF Friendship Quizzes: How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend?

You know about those moments when you are hanging out with your bestie and suddenly you have a thought “How well do we know each other?”. And that’s exactly what happened to me recently, and it sent me a thought of the Friendship quizzes.

In this blog, we’ll look into the concept of BFF Friendship Quizzes including some surprising insights, hilarious moments and also valuable lessons learned along the way. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your bond with your ride-or-die or just curious about your bond with your bestie this is the best way to test it.

The Basics Are Just the Beginning

Well, start off with the classic question “ How Well Do You Know Your BFF?”. Where it covers the usual basic questions like birthdays, middle names and also favourite movies, etc. The main thing is knowing these basic surface-level things about your bestie is like the tip of the iceberg. The real depth of your friendship will tell when we look deeper into it.

Shared Experiences Create Lasting Bonds

One quiz focused on shared memories, making us recall all the specific memories and special moments we have shared with them. This is where things will get interesting. We will always remember those moments with our friends from the time when we were planning the get-together to starting with the day and meeting and sharing all the details of our life.

Especially your bestie will have no idea about the characters in your story yet that will be the most fun experience. I always love meeting her after a really long time and sharing all the details with her is great similarly doing it through a quiz makes it more fun.

Understanding Values and Dreams

Another important aspect of a BFF quiz is looking into our values and dreams together. We looking into our future plans and dreams together and finding the loopholes where we can be together. This will give you an eye-opening experience where you will not only learn the commonalities but also the differences with your bestie.

For instance, I always knew how much my bestie loves to travel to different places in her life but I never knew how much she wanted to live abroad. 

Emotional Intelligence Matters

One of the most enlightening BFF friendship quizzes we took together mainly focused on emotional intelligence it made us realise how we read each other. This is where the rubber meets the road in a friendship.

This quiz we took together was very much a humbling experience for me as it made me realise how I misread how my bestie would react to certain things. It was a good reminder that even our closest friends can surprise us. 

Love Language Aren’t Just for Romance

Did you know that the concept of love language is also for friendship and not just for lovers? I didn’t know this until I took a Friendship quiz just on this topic. Turns out I express my affection by physical touch where whereas my bestie is through words.

This revelation has already made our bond better. So now we share our affection with others in the proper way we know the love language is. It’s amazing to know how much our bond has changed with this small change.

Conflict Resolution Styles Can Make or Break a Friendship

One quiz that really got us focused is this one about how we handle conflicts. I and my bestie have our own set of conflicts where I like to solve the things then and there as my bestie likes to take some time to cool off and then speak about it calmly. 

This quiz made us realise how to approach our conflicts after this I let her take the cool-off time and then we solved the issues where she made sure she didn’t want to solve them cause she was scared of saying something that might hurt me.

Growth and Change Are Inevitable

We are all humans where by growing in age we also grow mentally and emotionally along with which our likes and dislikes and ambitions and interests also change with it. This being said when we are changing along with us our friendships also need to evolve. Some of the quizzes highlighted how our interests and focus have changed a lot.

The Importance of Boundaries

One surprising factor we got to know from the quizzes is that many were focused on the boundaries of friendship. It made us reflect on things about our boundaries and where and which make us comfortable and which are not. 

This led to a great discussion between us about respecting each other where having these boundaries does not mean we care less now but rather make us more comfortable with each other and whenever we spend time together. 

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

While taking all these quizzes there is one thing that remained the same throughout is that we laughed, we laughed a lot. Whether we made wrong answers or agreed to things and were very stupid and also when having idiotic answers to the questions we laughed.

There’s Always More to Learn 

If there is one lesson I learned from all these quizzes is that there is always more to learn. Humans are complex, you can never know someone fully especially when it’s someone who is not with you every day. They will have their own life where you are not there and of those you will only know what they say to you.

You may think you know your friend inside out but do you think your friend knows everything about you? I’m pretty sure they don’t know the things you don’t say it’s the same you can never know something inside out. There is always more to learn about them.


As I wrap up on this, I can say that I have learned a lot about my bestie when taking these bff quizzes like how she feels about me and what will make us happy we found more new things to do when we are together and similarly we have also found on how we look into our things and every situation. 

So give this experience a try with your friends to know more about them and you which will help to deepen your bond with them and get to know them more deeply. You might learn something new and also laugh a lot with them having a really good relationship.

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