Top Friendship Dare Quizzes to Challenge Your Friends

Friendship Quizzes is my all-time favourite way to interact and have fun with my friend group. As someone who loves to be connected and make memories with them, these friendship quizzes are something that is a great help. Whether you are looking for a fun way to spice up your dull WhatsApp group or to make your Snapchat story more interesting then this is a perfect thing to do. Let’s dive into the world of dare quizzes and discover how that helps with our friendships. 

What are Friendship Dare Quizzes?

Quizzes that go like “dare of friendship” are always a combination of light questions, which carry along some funny, provoking and even shameful dares. And it’s these types of quizzes that can give you a hint on how well they understand you and how much information you have about them. These are the best quizzes to be used at parties or when casually hanging out with your friends.

Why Choose Friendship Dare Quizzes?

Friendship quizzes are more than just a fun activity with your friends this also helps with knowing your friends and deepening your friendship with them. Here are a few reasons why you should try friendship dare quizzes.

  1. Break the Ice: These quizzes are a great way to break the ice in the group. Normally even if the group is active at the start after some time the group becomes silent during those times these quizzes are best to break the ice.
  2. Build Stronger Bond: Sharing laughter and completing dares with your friends will make it a fun experience and create memories.
  3. Uncover Hidden Talents: This may also help us discover things about our friends that we never knew about. 
  4. Endless Entertainment: These sudden things that break the ice will help us be entertained in a unique way.

Creating the Perfect Friendship Dare Quiz

Creating a friendship quiz is a mixture of creativity, humour and also good understanding of your friends. Here’s how to create a memorable quiz:

  1. Mix Up the Questions
    Make sure to include a variety of questions that cover different aspects of your friendship. Include personal preferences, funny moments and also shared experiences. Here are some examples:
    Personal Preferences: “What is my favourite colour?” or “ Which TV show am I watching recently?”.
    Funny Moments: “What is an embarrassing thing I did in public with you?”
    Shared Experiences: “Where did we go on our first road trip together?”
  2. Add Fun and Safe Dares
    Dares are the main concept of these quizzes but also make sure they are fun, safe and something that everyone is comfortable doing: 
    Funny Dares: “Sing your favourite song out loud and send a voice note,” or “Do a silly dance and share a video.”
    Creative Dares: “Draw a picture of your best friend and share it with the group,” or “Write a short poem about our friendship.”
    Memory Lane Dares: “Share a funny childhood photo,” or “Describe a memorable moment we had together in three words.”
  3. Keep It Balanced
    Keep the questions balanced. While it’s all fun to have humorous and quirky questions also never forget to add questions that are meaningful. The meaningful questions will bring in more deep conversations and memories. You can add questions like “ What was the advice I gave you that stuck to your heart?”, which helps in getting more better conversations.

Sharing Your Friendship Quiz

Once we have completed making the quiz now we have to share it with our friends here’s how to do it:

On Whatsapp

  1. Create a Group: If you all already have a group share it there or else create a new one and share it there as a group will make it easier and fun to share the answers and discuss them.
  2. Share the Quiz: You can send it as a series of continue messages and make them answer it or also you can share it as a Google form where you can look into the answers much easier.
  3. Engage with Responses: Once your friends start answering the questions engage with them and share your opinions and memories of it and if they answered anything wrong correct them.

On Snapchat

  1. Create a Story: you can add the quiz to your story by tagging your friends in it so they will also get it in chat which will make them answer it.
  2. Engage with Stickers and Emojis: Make the quiz visually appealing by adding stickers and Snapchat’s creative usage.
  3. Personal Snaps: We can also send the quiz as personal snaps to your friends and make them answer it accordingly.

Tips for a Successful Friendship Quiz

  1. Be Authentic: Make sure to keep the questions in the quiz genuine and true to the shared experiences.
  2. Be Respectful: Avoid asking questions that might make someone feel weird or uncomfortable or anything that might bring conflict to the group.
  3. Be Inclusive: If the quiz is being shared in a group make sure that all the members of the group can relate to the questions asked.

Popular Friendship Dare Quizzes to Try

If you are looking for inspiration here are some popular dare quizzes to try with your friends:

  1. The Ultimate Best Friend Quiz: This quiz mainly includes personal information about your best friend based on your friend’s likes and dislikes and also your favourite memories with them. The dares can be like sharing a fun and weird fact about them to making video calls and having a duet with them.
  2. The Embarrassing Moments Quiz: This includes all the embarrassing and also some cringe-worthy moments you’ve shared with them. Dares can include things like recreating embarrassing moments or sharing a funny story.
  3. The Memory Lane Quiz: This quiz is all about reminiscing the good old days. The questions cover memories like first meeting, favourite trips and unforgettable adventures. Dares can include sharing old photos or recreating old memories.


One of my favourite ways to interact with my friends is by creating and sharing this type of friendship quiz on WhatsApp or Snapchat. It’s fun every time even long after the quiz is over because each will start sharing their memories and ideas, which makes it more amusing.

Friendship quizzes are not only things that help in building your friendship but there are also many other ways, games and matters. These quizzes will also give an idea for the following get-to-gether with a bunch of your friends.